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1 (male announer) live from the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts now.rain, cooler temperatures and even snow swept through the bay area today. just about everybody got a good does of rain. this is a live look from the golden gate bridge. where it's pretty dry out. but cooler temperatures are still lingering. in the east bay -- the rain affected driving conditions yocan see a car that lost control on a slippery road. the rain turned to snow in sections of the santa cruz mountains. and you can also see a light dusting of snow on mount diablo. i'm here in the weather center with kron4's jacqueline bennett.
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jacqueline -- how long are the cooler temperatures going to stick around? developing right now. a massive power outage in there was some stray showers. most of it has pressed down to the south. it looks like most of that activity is away from once but we did get a blast of cold air. temperatures already in the 30's in a number of locations. 36 through vallejo it is going to get much cooler through of the evening. >> pam: san rafael -- at one point, 20-thousand customers were without electricity. p-g-&-e crews are still trying to determine the cause of the outage which started shortly before 7 - this evening. 11-thousand customers are still without power. officials say, there is no
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estimated time for full restoration of electricity. >> onto another developing story -- a 10- month-old baby girl found dead in a field. after family members reported her missing. at 11 -- we start our team coverage with kron 4's alecia reid. she explains why no amber alert was issued. alecia? >> reporter: pam, police say the baby was in the arms of a man that was considered a familyfriend. he would normally take her for short visits, so there was no reason to think the child was in any danger. but now 47 year old jesus espinosa is being charged with kidnapping and murder. found in a farm field under a "bush" in salinas, little angel negron was only 10 months old. the last time angel's family saw her was back on february 2nd when her mother's boyfriend jesus espinoza picked her up to watch the superbowl at
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his home. but after 2 weeks, and him telling them he took her to disneyland, loved ones got worried. they alerted authorities on saturday and a search ensued. the monterey county sheriff's office however, did not issue an amber alert. officials say partly because they did not have a description of the suspect's car. >> it's only to be used if it meets certain criterias even though you have a child abduction. but even in the state of california there are other ways of getting the information out other than the amber alert. >> reporter:following leads, deputies arrested espinoza at a greyhound bus depot in los angeles - where they believe he was trying to flee to mexico. there, he told police where angel's body was dumped. he is being held on a million dollars bail. alecia reid kron 4 news. >> continuing our team
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coverage, this map showing that this body was found your high 183. near salinas. it was found in a field along highway 183. bridge it was found under beat some of bbrush. pam >> a story that you will only see on kron 4. this is video of a large brawl that happened early sunday morning in north beach. along broadway. san francisco city officials are now reacting. to that fight over the weekend. kron 4 spoke with officials who say, operations at one club have now been suspended because of the fight. >> we have to make sure that
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the people that are profiting from these venues are more financially obligated. initially, after this fight broke out sunday morning, only two police officers could be seen. eventually police from the entire city embarked on broadway. to control the crowd. supervisor david chiu says, there had been signs of improvement in north beach. and some s-f-p-d officers had been re-assigned to other trouble spots mainly in the mission. he says he supports a slight increase in the property tax. among business owners in the broadway coridor. one that would pay for more security in the area. new at 11. a san francisco couple now behind bars-- accused of trafficking prostitutes out of a south san francisco motel. police say, sate jones and his girlfriend, maria
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jimenez, recruited four females-- including a 17- year-old. for prostitution. they were also given illegal drugs. jones and jimenez were each booked into san mateo county jail on 80- thousand dollars bail. right now -- police are searching for a third suspect. only kron 4. you'll see the damage inside the home. where an enormous oak tree fell in contra costa county. rotten roots are to blame for its fall. the home sustained so much damage. that the family can no longer live there. biblically, this tree was only passed to a spot that close to the house. it took all day for crews to remove leftover parts of the tree which fell on the home. but the family is thankful no one was hurt. the family was able to get some of their belongings. they are now staying with friends. this is exclusive video of the damage inside the home.
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half of the structure will now have to be torn down and rebuilt. evening meters near at&t park-sidepanel new at 11. parking at a-t-and-t park will be getting pricier. starting march 4th, meters will be operating until ten p-m. from monday through saturday. meters will also cost more during game days and days the ball park hosts events. on non- event days. the meter cost will be 25- cents per hour from six to ten p- m. on event days.7- dollars an hour. the changes are meant to increase parking availability. and reduce congestion. signs will be posted on the city's streets to publicize the plan. a gas explosion and an upscale kansas city shopping district. coming up why crews are searching the rubble. plus: the latest into olympic runner oscar pistorius. accused of killing his model girlfriend. been a coming of leader we have the sharks, the warriors. and the apology.
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>> right now, cadaver dogs are searching the smoldering remains of a kansas city restaurant. which burned to the ground following a gas explosion and massive fire. officials say, the search for possible victims could take hours. they expect crews to be on scene throughout the night. let's take a look at the flames shortly after the explosion. officials say, more than a dozen people were hurt. at least two are in critical condition. so far -- there are no reports of fatalities. the cause of the blaze is still under investigation -- but a city official earlier did say, it is believed to have been caused accidently by a utility contractor. >> jacqueline: a cold day.
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>> developing right now. in the case of a para-lympian turned murder suspect. a south african judge says, defense lawyers will need *exceptional reasons to convince him to grant bail for oscar pistorius. in a statement to the court, the double amputee olympian did acknowledge firing the shots that killed his girlfriend. but says, he grabbed his gun fearing someone had broken into his home. prosecuters say, he killed his model girlfriend in the
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bathroom of that home. after >> a georgia inmate on death row was granted a last minute stay of execution. warren hill was sentenced to death for the 19-90 killing of another inmate in a georgia state prison. at the time, he was serving a life sentence for the 19- 85 killing of his girlfriend. hill's lawyers argue. that hill's i-q of 70. means he should be spared. in 2002. the u.s. supreme court ruled the execution of people who are mentally handicapped. is unconstitutional. federal data show. drug overdose deaths have risen for 11 straight years. reports from the centers for disease control and prevention shows. most of the deaths were accidental. addictive painkillers and prescription drugs were involved in nearly 60- percent of deaths. overshadowing those from illegal drugs. >> oregon fire investigators are looking into how an 11-year-old
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patient at a children's hospital caught fire. there is speculation that hand santizer may be to blame. the father believes that the alcohol was the cause of the fire. she has droppe droplet type burns... bellieved to be from the ahnd sanitizer...oregon fire investigators are looking into how an 11-year-old patient at dorn-becker children's hospital caught fire. ireland lane's father says his daughter had recently used hand sanitizer to clean the young girl is a cancer survivor and was undergoing treatment for an unrelated head injury when the fire happened. she is now being treated for
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third degree burns at another hospital. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. a winter storm has brought snow, a rare tornado and the first significant rainfall in weeks to california. the national weather service says a tornado with wind speeds between 40 to 70 miles per hour was spotted in the sacramento area. the tornado, however, caused little or no damage. here's a time lapse of the sunset out in pacifica. you can see how fast the cloud cover was moving in off the ocean. and you can imagine just how cold and >> jacqueline: temperatures already of the cold side. in the the 30's in santa rosa, napa. 39 it daly city. 38 in pleasanton is going to be very cold. and for the what we expect our clearing skies. and the wind is going to reduce with areas of fog
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and visibility not quite that bad. however, there could be areas of the patchy, local tense fog for the in the valleys. we will see mostly clear skies. temperatures a bit warmer toward about 10 degrees warmer and we will continue with this similar pattern of a cold morning with cool and mild for the rest of the work week. and take a look at the number of cold places. only 29 degrees. and in napa. oakland. 30's through redwood city, pleasanton. and 30's for places like fremont, san jose. definitely, bundle up. and you might want to give yourself some extra. giving
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yourselves of time. through the delta, and the bay shore the south bay. all 50s. close to the coast publicly to lower 50s. as for the sierras? some ongoing snowfall expected the same through accumulations' out there today. it does not look like we will see but for the rest of the week. a look at your extended forecast. cold. mild that will be the same pattern for thursday and friday. changes, but with the chance of showers into the forecast temperatures will cool down as a result. >> take a look at the time lapse. the conceit of mass of about of cloud coverage.
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but a beautiful sunset. >> has the corner on smarts? sorry, stanford. and cal grads - you might believe berkeley is the land of the most learn-ed. not so. apparently, you have to cross the golden gate bridge. kron 4's vicki liviakis reports. welcome to california's most-educated county - marin. it's not only rich and pretty, but smart. according to new data from the census bureau, more than half - 54% of adults over the age of 25 - have at least a bachelor's degree. and one out of four people hold an advanced degree. that's higher than any other county in the state. once like ross - a whopping 80% of adults are estimated to hold bachelor's degrees. the soaring level of education in marin isn't universal.
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in lower income areas like san rafael's canal district and marin city, a college education is more rare. the second most educated county in california - san francisco coming in at just over half - 51% i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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the warriors try for their first win since the super bowl straight ahead plus. hear from the cal basketball player - and the coach who shoved warriors jazz mark jackson and the warriors haven't won game since the superbowl - 5 straight losses 3rd quarter, 74-69 utah marvin williams misses the 3-pointer as shot clock expires - but derrick favors saves the ball and this time williams knocks it down 77-69 utah williams: 11 points 4th quarter, 89-79 utah stephen curry - nice little move in the lane and puts in the one hander 89-81 utah curry: 29 points
11:27 pm
4th quarter, 108-94 alec burks - hits the 3- point dagger to put the jazz up by 17 points with less than 3 mins left burks: 13 points battered mark jackson jazz win 115-101 warriors 6th straight loss warriors haven't won a game in 17 days host phoenix tomorrow night sharks blues todd mclellan - on the hot seat with seven straight losses after opening the season with seven straight wins 2nd period, 1-0 blues joe thornton - gets the rebound goal from out in front to tie the game 1-1 tie thornton: 4th goal of season a minute or so latera fight sharks tommy wingels gets the better of blues t.j. oshiethey both get five minute majors. the sharks bench loves it. 3rd period, 1-1 tie tim kennedy - the slapper trickles through the pads of blues goalie jake allen for the game winner sharks snap a 7 game losing final: 2-1 sharks aaron, our producer is here to stay
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but i cannot want to fight. the past producers iupui year four. the eight years to . have been here for 28 years. deval i have been here for 28 years. and i know that mike is getting ready for this story. and today, light and the player, stood before the media. but i feel badly it over 30 years of coaching it has never happened before. obviously, the scrutiny has increased over the years. it is something that i deeply regret. the people could look at it as a bad thing. but he was trying to fire me up so that was that. the variety saved him. and speaking of fighting.
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guerrero will make $3 billion. playing mayweather ... his last play cleared 45 million. able to play some bills. and bartolo cologne said that he was sorry when tested positive for test esterorn. however, it would be refreshing. >> the >> jacqueline: they cannot say..... >> pam: and when people got caught that would be applied to
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